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Make stuff awesome. Have fun doing it.

Hello! My name is Owen and I would love to help craft amazing experiences for you and your audience. Let's work together to create comfortable spaces where exploration is rewarded and there is no need to have a doctorate in order to understand how things work.

A failure to plan is actually just a plan to fail so let me get your next digital project started off on the right foot! Having a strategically based project design allows you to rest assured you are allocating resources to a just cause and that you will know when you have been successful. Having worked as a designer, developer, salesperson, and strategist I have insight into what makes your digital experience tick.

I am excited to learn more about how I can help you in your endeavors, so after you are done checking out some of my previous work, drop me a line so that we can get to know each other better.


Past Work


I was heavily involved in the rebuilding and subsequent launching of the 2012 Mountain refreshed ecommerce site, I also built the inspiration section of the site which is WordPress based and needed to be custom configured for the needs of the business users. In 2014 I played a key role in the relaunch of the newest MHW site which is responsive and operates on a unified code base with the other CSC sites.

Columbia Sportswear

Columbia Sportswear is a staple in the Northwest and I have had a wonderful time working on a wide variety of initiatives and projects with them. I have worked for them as both a contracted company as well as a full time employee. Working on a site that is translated into 5 different languages and conducts business in over 20 countries has unique challenges and has really helped me expand my skills and problem solving abilities. In 2014 I played a main role in rebuilding this and the other CSC sites with a unified code base and a responsive design.

Resnick Sustainability Institute | CalTech

This site was really awesome to work on! The crew down at CalTech was a pleasure to interact with and they were very receptive to the input from myself and the lead-designer. Since the Resnick Institute (CalTech's sustainability focused research and development branch) hosts a very large amount and variety of information on their site, it was quite the task to develop a responsive site that would work well for all their needs. I worked with them to come up with creative solutions to display their content in a way that would not require a ton of maintenance but would also keep the user engaged. They have more people using their site and accessing the valuable information that they need.


Working on high-fashion sites is not something I would ever have thought I would do but it turns out to be really fun! I have been able work with them on a number of campaigns including the 2012 "Get Your Boots Dirty" initiative which was highly successful and helped the company put one of (if not the most) successful years in the books.

Montrail Footwear

I have built out some really interesting marketing initiatives for Montrail as well as a ton of work on their eCommerce site and blog. In 2014 I helped relaunched their new site which has been very successful.

The Suite Barbershop

I have had the pleasure of doing a few iterations of this site and am really happy with where it has ended up. Aside from the development work I also did all the design and strategy work. The online experience focuses on the mobile user (about 80% of all users access the site via mobile). I made sure it loads fast, is easy to navigate, and caters to the needs of the user. Throughout the different iterations of implementation we have been able to hone in on the target usage of the site and provide straight-foward interaction path while staying "on brand".


I designed and built the main portal entrance for Icebreakers Business-to-Business site. This is where retailers like REI would go to see the upcoming seasons product and place orders. Instead of just having a simple sign in I opted to also integrate a small seasonal look book which was very well received. Since this initial project I have also come back to work with them on some of their newer endeavors including a newly updated site for 2014!


Technical Skills

  • HTML5
  • WordPress
  • Demandware
  • Invision
  • LogFrame Strategic Project Managment
  • LESS
  • JavaScript
  • CSS3
  • GIT
  • JIRA/Atlassian
  • Agile Workflow
  • Adobe Suite


DemandPDX | 2014 - Current

Provide web development & design, digital strategy, process implementation, & client management. Work with Demandware clients on everything from minor bug fixes all the way up to full website implementations and feature launches.

Columbia Sportswear Company | 2011 - 2014

Web Developer II. Worked within a local team in conjunction with multiple offsite teams and vendors. Built and maintained eCommerce sites and components for four different brands across 5+ languages and 20+ countries.

Owen Spencer Design & Development | 2010 - Current

Owner and operator. Web design, development, and digital presence strategist. Worked with a variety of companies ranging from small local establishments all the way up to household name, global companies.

Bicycle Transportation Alliance | 2011

Coordinator of the 2011 'Bike Commute Challenge' which is a statewide program with participation of over 1,200 businesses.

Organic City Sounds | 2011

Strategy, design, and development of an audio focused WordPress site.

Icebreaker Merino Wool | 2011

Design and development of business to business splash page with social media integration.

The Suite Barbershop | 2010

Digital strategy, UX/site design, and site development.

InVisible Light | 2010

Digital strategy, design, and development. Responsive website, WordPress based blog customization, and support.


The Art Institute of Portland

Web Design & Interactive Media 2008-2011

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